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Heading 2




The still point of Emma Marie’s practice is meditation and reflection. She views her paintings as captured moments of space and time where thoughts and emotions emerge into physical form, they are what Eckhart Tolle would describe as N.O.W.N.E.S.S.


It is through the NOW that each painting has come into being. They are playfully built up in a call and response manner, every hue and mark responding to the presentness at hand. This is a process based way of working that encompasses differences and opposites to bring about balance and harmony.


It is Emma Marie's belief that art has the ability to transcend the intellectual and awaken the heart, it can make known the unknown, enabling encounters of the inner kind ... a self reflective tool perhaps, for artist and viewer alike.




When we connect with our self we can sense our incompletion, and when we connect with others we feel their incompletion. How can we bridge these channels? 


Here, figures are left in a state of unresolve, they reflect the notion that we are all works in progress. Some areas may be beautifully rendered while others are yet to be developed. There is some honesty in their becoming!


Imbued waves of thought and feeling ebb and flow through these works, a response to inner and outer (e)motion. It is my hope that the essence of the paintings can move the viewer towards questioning the works, the other, and hopefully even themselves.


With a connectedness to the NOW each colour and mark is laid down in response to the whole. Searching always for balance and harmony, in design, contrast, and tone.  This intuitive painting process is about having present moment awareness, and could be likened to the design of life; where there is a building up, scratching back, reworking, risk taking, and finally understanding. 


I invite you to be present with the works, allowing space for a deeply personal connection … and let the new experience wash through and ripple into isness.



Trust is employed to the genius of painting as Emma Marie tunes in to listen to the works whispering voice, adding and subtracting layers by intuitive prompts. An internal SPACIOUSNESS is needed.
The abstract forms explode from the palette, expanding out with imbued intention. Abandoned is the preconceived idea of concept, each work emerges during the making and stories materialise, as if from nowhere. 


This is a processed based way of working, each brushstroke captures thoughts and feelings from the NOW, enabling encounters of the inner kind ... her work could be thought of as a self-reflective tool perhaps, for artist and viewer alike.

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