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Inspiration for these works comes from the sky.  The almighty theatre that encompasses the drama of life.  Its sheer expanse and clockwork nature, teases the mind, to form questions bigger than those we can answer.


Never the same from one moment to the next, it clings to nothing. 

For it is CREATION. 

Always in motion.


It is the stage that balances extremes; light and dark, abundance and desolation, warmth and bitterness, cataclysmic and idyllic, the known and the mysterious.

The reference to the cloud in my work is dualistic, sometimes it is luminous, concealing the divine presence.  Other times, it is the harrowing force of the tempest, the false teacher.

Even the cloud has a shadow!


The abstract skies play with themes concerning the human condition, duality, and faith.



I lam intrigued with how opposites are bound together in duality, needing each other to exist, such as light and dark, male and female, positive and negative, magnetic and electric. We understand each by what it is not. The binaries, they are the very essence of this atom filled reality we exist in.

Its fascinating that not only our solid world is built upon these laws, but also is ones personality, perspective and emotions, we are neither all one or the other but a continually changing mixture of all that is. 

I endeavour to capture in my portraits snippets of the divisions and similarities that make us who we are, the human race.



As I rip down the curtain of reality

the zeros and ones 

infiltrate all static memory 

oozing in and out of illusion. 


Wiping clean. 



All sense of knowing

only the echo of feeling remains

inverse OVERLOAD.


Walking down the hill
with the words of sweet despair 
in the air, in my ear,
yet I smile,
hypnotised by you, 
Magnetic Green Abyss.

Our life force connects us,
separates us,
plays with us,
in our eternal dance of
self annihilation,
self recognition.

In a world of scribbled black,
you are my Dart of Longing,

my Sparkly Gold Dust Dream.

If only our nows were reality,
and our ‘what if’s...’ 
didn’t live in between. 

For I see you

and you hear me,

we breathe the edge of never;

on spiky getaway mats

under lucid lighting forks

beside morphic umbrella trees.



Infinity loops unseen.


She sits, huddled on the floor

In silent opposition to the last remaining speck of light within her

A blur amongst the shadows

Shamed, abandoned, unworthy

The stone girl retreats

Into her home of nothingness

Once hidden

She dares to dream


Then the door bursts open

A radiant woman of light appears

Alluring, pretty, indulgent

She has lost her kindness, her heart, the essence of her being


Startled, they face each other

They mirror in reverse

The depleted stone girl is unhinged as she realises where her spark has gone

She has been feeding the woman of light


The woman of light is burning up​

She has no substance left

Invisible to others

And now blind, she can’t see them either


But they SEE each other, their other

Tears of colour engulf them

From the drenching, SHE emerges

Dignified, beautiful, whole

She is the still point, she is ONE

One with herself, one with humanity, one with source

A reconciled mosaic

She is all that, she is.

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